Writing an “about” section on yourself is always awkward but the truth is this; I hope my life reflects my relationship with Jesus through all that I do.  I hold a few titles (husband, dad, pastor) all of which I am proud of.  Yet, through them all I hope that each person I have the privilege of meeting sees Christ in me.

I am passionate about the (big C), Church as a whole, and know that when the leaders grow so do the people they lead. That being said, I believe the next great revival will come from outside the walls of the church.  As people are truly discipled by the church and realize who they are in Christ they will begin live it out in their work places, schools, and communities. The impact of this will reach far beyond the walls of any building!

I have been in ministry since my graduation from North Central University in 2005, and am currently serving at River Valley Church in Minnesota as the Apple Valley Campus Pastor.